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Want to Grow Marijuana Stealthily?


Growing cannabis is still against the law in many states and parts of the world, so if you plan to become a marijuana grower for personal use, you are going to have to keep your plan secret and realize that you are going to experience a lot of challenges along the way. Not for the faint of heart! Most people are still not only against the use of even medical marijuana, but they just hate cannabis because of how they were brought up and will probably report your activities to the first law enforcement officer they can find.

Out of sight, out of mind

Before you even start buying seeds and constructing your gardening environment keep your idea to yourself. This way you can be sure you stay out of prison and off the radar to thieves who might see an opportunity to enrich themselves by stealing your prized crops. Do not try to sell your product if you want to stay out of trouble and keep in mind that marijuana smells. Once you start planting, pruning and harvesting make sure that you clean yourself up properly before mixing with anyone who might pick up on the smell lingering on you. One way to get rid of the smell is by using carbon filters in the grow room.

The next thing to consider is to grow your plants indoors instead of outdoors. Indoors is by far the safest as nosy neighbors or passersby will be completely unaware of your activities and will not accidentally stumble upon your plants. Electrical devices that you install in the grow room might alert people because of the noise they make since they normally run day and night. Use devices that are known to be quiet and do not use powerful fans that make a lot of noise.

Best type of lights for plant growing

Lighting is a very tricky part of this operation. You are going to use a lot of electricity so you have to choose very carefully to ensure that the lighting and heating in your grow room is cost-effective. According to experts in the game fluorescent grow lights are the way to go. They are cheaper to start with, they make a smaller impact on your electrical bill and they make little heat. The last aspect is very important because you save money by not having to buy an exhaust fan, for instance. The catch here is which type of fluorescent lighting you should invest in since there are two types that are frequently used by growers. They are namely the T5 fluorescent light, and the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp).

CFL contains bulbs that replaced the intensely hot ones we used to have in our homes. They can be bought in a variety of colors and strengths, all of which would work for growing purposes. These lamps use the ordinary light sockets but each bulb needs its own socket. This becomes problematic when you have a number of bulbs that will need to be moved around regularly to ensure that they are close to the plants but not so close that they can burn them. The greatest advantage of using these type of lamps is that they can be bought almost anywhere, and since it is used in most households it will not look suspicious when you do your light shopping.

Furthermore, they fit in small spaces, they won’t harm your plants even when they are close to them and they can be placed at angles to light up parts of plants which are shaded due to their shape and size. For the above reasons, Compact Fluorescent Lamps have been described by some growers as the best growth lights when you have to go about your business stealthily. T5 refers to tubular lights with a ⅝” diameter. They consist of bulbs that are arranged in a panel parallel to each other. You must calculate the amount of light you need in order to buy the correct setup.

You will need a place to fix the panel that the bulbs fit into, but fortunately, these lamps do not get hot and can be placed very close to your plants without causing any harm. The fact that they run so cool means that you can use a much smaller space than with normal lamps, which is a great advantage. They are also much lighter on your electricity bill than high-intensity discharge lamps (HID lighting). The disadvantage T5’s in this respect is that the yields will be lower since it has less power than HID’s and that you will have to check on them often since they are kept so close to the plants.

T5 lamps are said to be a better option for growers because they are easier to use, adjust and maintain. To move a panel is much easier than having to move various bulbs around. Both options use energy efficiently, although the T5’s is slightly more efficient.

At the end of the day deciding on which form of lighting to implement will depend on your needs and amount of space available. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages but both are good for the purpose of growing cannabis. If you have the space to hang up the T5 panel go for it. If your space is too small for other grow lights, CFL’s will be the right option for you.

The Judges Decision

So, who’s better? Before I potentially start an incident, let me give you the honest-but-not-as-gratifying answer:
Each one is better for different setups!

You can usually go to any strip mall with a home improvement store and get everything you need to grow with CFLs or T5s besides cannabis seeds. This is good for the initial setup, but it’s also great for times when you break a single piece of your setup and need to replace something quickly.

If you have some pics showing off your growing prowess with fluorescent lights, send them to us if you want to get them published!

Go Fluorescent!
Ready to try your hand at fluorescent lights? Or maybe you’re new to growing cannabis in general? Either way, get started today; your future self will thank you!