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What is the Sea of Green Method in Growing Weed

Ever thought of maximizing the speed of growing cannabis in limited height solutions without compromising the quality of the output? This may sound bizarre and some people may think that it is impossible to achieve this feat under conditions that will not compromise on the quality of the final product. Well, the sea of green method in growing weed can help you achieve this dream within a relatively short period of time and the plants can be grown over a small plot than anticipated in other cases.

The sea of green method is a growth method that was developed to facilitate maximum growth of cannabis at high speed at limited height situations. In typical fashion, the sea of green method involves clones that are densely planted in small portions such as one square- foot holding 9 plants. This is unusual under normal conditions of growing cannabis outdoors since the plants need to be spaced to enable them to get enough light as well as aeration. Under this scheme, the marijuana plants are planted under the artificial light which is switched for twelve hours once the plants have shown signs of growth.

Grow Lighting Schedule

The plants are left there to stretch under the lighting conditions they are exposed to. It should be noted that darkness is meant to facilitate quick growth. The clones quickly develop hard stems and branches and they begin to flower. This process is at the center of sea green method which results in the plants flowering within the shortest period possible. These plants can then be left to reach maturity stage under this condition.

There are quite a number of benefits that can be obtained from using this scheduled light time method to grow your cannabis. The most notable one pertains to increased flowering speed. In most cases, it can be observed that this plant requires time to reach a specific height that is recommended before harvesting it. However, this growth process is fast tracked as the plants will reach the flowering stage at a quicker pace compared to the normal lighting conditions that are often used for growing cannabis.

The other issue is that many cloned plants can be grown in a small indoor area, and they are allowed to flower at shorter heights. The issue of space is very important in this case since it may not be feasible to achieve the same results when the plants are grown outdoors. The other issue of interest is that the process does not necessarily need additives such as fertilizers to enhance their growth. The plants can grow with the aid of natural water only. This is advantageous in that quality of the final product is preserved and the medicinal value is not compromised by the use of chemicals that are meant to enhance plant growth speed.

Overall, the method is good because it promotes the growth of marijuana under extraordinary conditions that may not be possible under normal conditions that are expected for the plant to grow. More importantly, there are high chances of harvesting a high yield over a short period of time from a small portion of land that has been cultivated. Essentially, many cannabis growers are mainly concerned about reaping larger yields since this plant is in demand given that it is used for various medicinal purposes.

The growers are assured of getting good reward from their efforts by using the best indoor seeds for SOG.  This method has also proved to be cost effective since it does not involve a lot of expenses in the procurement of chemicals that can be used. The method is also simple and user-friendly as long as the recommended lighting system is available. What you only need to be wary of when using this method is to ensure that the plants are adequately watered and the light is switched off at recommended periods.