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What Should the pH of Your Marijuana Nutrients Be?

Hydroponics and pH Before we look at what the optimal pH balance for marijuana nutrients, let’s first discuss hydroponics for a moment. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants; however, it is mostly

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What is The Best Way to Dry and Preserve Your Marijuana Buds for Smooth, Sweet Buds?

Out of excitement, most marijuana growers tend to harvest the crops at an early age to save time and sell it outright at a certain price. With these tendencies, most marijuana growers forget one important

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Want to Grow Marijuana Stealthily?

Growing cannabis is still against the law in many states and parts of the world, so if you plan to become a marijuana grower for personal use, you are going to have to keep your plan secret and realize

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How to Grow Weed From Seeds: The Ultimate Guide

There is no question that marijuana is a very extraordinary crop. Aside from the benefits that it offers, it has the capability to thrive almost anywhere on our planet. However, the level of success when

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