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When Should I Change My Light Schedule for My Marijuana Plants

Lighting plays an extremely important part in the growing of cannabis, which is a photoperiod plant.  This means that light determines when the plant is going to start flowering and budding. Once your

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What is the Sea of Green Method in Growing Weed

Ever thought of maximizing the speed of growing cannabis in limited height solutions without compromising the quality of the output? This may sound bizarre and some people may think that it is impossible

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Worldwide Marijuana Seeds: The Advantages of Purchasing

While it is true that you can easily get your marijuana seeds from local sources, purchasing your seeds from online sources is highly recommended. For one, you can be assured that with worldwide marijuana

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Indoor Marijuana Seeds: Why Choose to Grow Them

If you have decided to grow marijuana, you may have already had an understanding on the best environment for growing your plants. If you live in an area where outdoor growing is almost impossible, the

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